Selected Works

Illustrations & Graphic Design by Anita Varma

Anita Varma daydreaming
Anita Varma looking at fish in reflections of clouds in a puddle
Reflection of birds in clouds in a puddle


Illustrations and book design for read-aloud storybooks and such. These were written for young children by different Indian authors.

As an illustrator my effort is to go beyond supporting the text of a story by simply describing it with a picture. Through my illustrations I try to extend the original idea contained in the text. And by doing so, add another dimension to the tale.

The Laughing Onion

by Arun Elassery, Eklavya Books, Bhopal

Pchak Pchak

by Padmini Mongia, Young Zubaan, New Delhi

Super Surang

by Surojit Sarkar, CSEC Delhi University

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