Anita Varma: Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Anita Varma. I illustrate and design books for children.

I studied literature at St Stephen’s College, Delhi and Visual Communication at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India. Both pursuits arose from my childhood interest in reading and drawing. Now, through my work with children’s books, they have developed into a lifelong passion.

As an illustrator my effort is to go beyond supporting the text of a story by simply describing it with a picture. Through my illustrations I try to extend the original idea contained in the text. And by doing so, add another dimension to the tale.

As a graphic designer I create characters for animations and design logos and identities for organisations.

My work ranges from hand drawn and coloured to digital media (Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign). I believe every client is different and each work of art is unique and requires a specific approach.  Depending on the demands of the project, I utilize different styles of art and design in each of my artworks. My aim is to create imaginative and meaningful designs.

GraphicAlley is a selection of my work from over the past decade. I hope you enjoy these flights of my imagination!


You can write to me using the emailer below and I'll get back to you. Comments or questions are welcome.

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Anita Varma Madhrani

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